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  • Physical Therapy for a Knee Meniscus Tear

    If you have knee pain due to a meniscus tear, you may benefit from physical therapy to help you regain normal motion in your knee and improve your overall strength and mobility. Your physical therapist can show you what you need to do—and what you should avoid—to help you recover fully from a knee meniscus injury.

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  • Care for knee osteoarthritis in the United States

    A new study provides an overview of US physicians' recommendations for physical therapy, lifestyle counseling, pain medications for treating knee osteoarthritis.

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  • Is Partial Knee Replacement Right For You?

    The partial knee replacement surgical procedure has generated significant interest because it uses a smaller incision and has a faster recovery than full knee replacement surgery. Partial knee replacement is a type of and minimally invasive surgery. The idea is to remove only the most damaged areas of cartilage from the joint and leave any healthy parts of the joint for continued use.

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  • A single measurement may help determine kneecap instability risk

    Knee injuries can be a scourge to collegiate and pro athletes alike, but Penn State researchers say a single measurement taken by a clinician may help predict whether a person is at risk for knee instability.

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  • Study suggests arthroscopy more effective than MRI for chondral defects of the knee

    Using arthroscopy to stage a lesion in the chondral area of the knee is more accurate than magnetic resonance imaging, according to researchers from the Rothman Institute, La Jolla, Calif.

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