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  • What is a hyperextended knee?

    Knee pain and injuries are widespread, particularly in very active people and athletes. A hyperextended knee is a type of injury to the knee caused by the knee bending too far backward. This painful injury is often easy for a doctor to spot and treat.

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  • Multiple methods found to minimize pain caused by surgery and reduce use of opioids

    Studies suggest that using more than one type of pain medicine to target different pain pathways has been shown to decrease pain while reducing side effects of knee replacement surgery.

    Source: News Medical

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  • High risk of injury in young elite athletes

    Every week, an average of three in every ten adolescent elite athletes suffer an injury. Worst affected are young women, and the risk of injury increases with low self-esteem, especially in combination with less sleep and higher training volume and intensity, research from in Sweden shows.

    Source: New Medical

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