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American Knee Institute

The American Knee Institute was founded on the principles of educating a patient on leading an active lifestyle with the various treatment options to knee injuries and various conditions. Based on these principles, the American Knee Institute has emerged as a center of excellence, helping patients make informed decisions on the management of knee pain and dysfunction. Under the direction of Ronak M. Patel, M.D., the American Knee Institute has earned a reputation for excellence in Orthopaedic research patient education. Dr. Patel’s belief in the importance of evidence-based management of knee care sets a high standard at the Institute. We have patients traveling from around the world to the American Knee Institute seeking information about specialized surgical options available to restore knee function when it has been compromised by injury or disease.

The American Knee Institute operates as an independent, tax-exempt (IRS code 501(c)(3)) charitable organization, employing researchers, fellows, visiting scholars, and interns. The physicians at the American Knee Institute are fellowship-trained board-certified surgeons knowledgeable in arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of knee conditions

Our foundation serves as a tertiary referral center that imparts knowledge on the treatments options for the management of various knee conditions. Some of them include: